The Two Pieces of Jewelry I Wear the Most

I have two jewelry items that I wear more than anything else in my personal jewelry collection.

I wear each of them several times a week. First, these earrings:

favorite jewelry - sterling silver teardrop hoops by JoliJoli

I purchased these simple sterling silver teardrop hoops from a former Etsy artist named JoliJoli, a few years ago.

She was selling them as part of a fundraiser for her friend who needed help with medical bills.

I have absolutely LOVED these earrings!

They’re almost weightless, and the earwires are wonderfully thin – I’d guess they’re 24 gauge. You can’t even feel that you’re wearing these earrings.

And they go well with nearly anything.

The other piece of jewelry I wear the most is this black leather choker, which I made about ten years ago:

favorite jewelry - black leather choker by Rena Klingenberg

I make and wear a lot of pendants – and this simple, short leather cord necklace is perfect for making any pendant wearable.

(Update: See my free tutorial for making this leather choker.)

For the clasp, I used a small sterling silver hook and eye that can easily fit through the bail of most pendants.

And to bind the ends of the leather into loops, I used 20 gauge half-round sterling silver wire.

I’ve worn this leather choker so much that it’s soft as butter, and has a nicely worn-in look.

I’ve even worn it solo with no pendant, and it’s great that way too.

These are the two pieces of jewelry I can’t live without.

What are your go-to pieces of jewelry?

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  1. says

    Both pieces are lovely! About the wire wrapped leather loops…does the wire stay wrapped nicely? I like the way this looks better than the fold-over ribbon/cord ends. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Hi Kathy, thank you!

    Yes, the wire has stayed wrapped very nicely. After wrapping it around the leather loops, I used my flat-nosed pliers to squeeze down on the wire all over, and then I did an extra squeeze-down on each end of the wire ends. The wire has never even thought about moving. :)

    I think the fact that it’s half-round wire also helps – the flat side of the wire lies very nicely against the leather.

  3. says

    I cannot go anywhere without earrings! I even carry a pair in my purse in an empty tiny mint tin just in case I leave the house without a pair!

    Good tip about the half round wire. I will have to try that!

  4. Tamara says

    Hi Rena – My go-to piece of jewellery tends to be a gold locket. Up until recently it was a heart-shaped one that was my favourite, but I sold it last week. I still have a smaller round one that a friend had given me in a bag of jewellery-making supplies. I just put it on a simple gold chain. It’s nice when I just want to wear something basic and fuss-free, but I also wear it with a longer necklace as well

  5. says

    Clever idea, Rose Anne! I have occasionally left the house without earrings and would have loved to have an “emergency pair of earrings” in my purse. :)

    Hi Tamara! I have always loved the mystery of lockets – the possibilities of what’s hidden inside them.

  6. says

    My favorite and my daughter’s favorite piece is what I call my Signature Pendant – simply 3 silver rings intertwined and hung on a silver chain. It just goes with everything. I mention my daughter since she is a self proclaimed non jewelry wearer.

    Bev Carlson

  7. says

    The two pieces of jewelry I wear almost with everything is a unakite pendant on a 14K gold-filled chain with matching drop earrings. The colours go with everything I own. People are always surprised when they see me wearing the pendant with something they never think would match and compliment me how nice the combination looks.

  8. says

    I never leave without jewelry and it is not just 1 piece. I am a stacker and layer kind of girl. I have 2 cuff bracelets that I made and one has the Asian symbol for Clarity in gold on a silver engraved band. The other is what I call a “cowgirl tennis bracelet”; a thin engraved cuff with a row of tiny diamonds only mine has pink sapphires.

    The other thing I will grab is an engraved cross on a leather cord. it is an engraved cross with a citrine in the center. Did you know that citrine is called the money stone? Merchants of old used to keep one in their till or money bag because it supposedly attracts money. Who knows if this is true but I certainly love sentiment and folklore and keep citrine in many unlikely places…lol

  9. says

    Hi, all! I have used the wire wrapped ends with 22 ga. wire for 10 years and they still hold. I only pinch down the last wrap on each end with the edge of my chain nose pliers and push the wire end into the leather to prevent poking at the back of the neck or wrist. I’ve used this on bracelets, too, which get more abrasion than a necklace. It even holds up to a toggle clasp closure.

    My go-to piece of jewelry is a turquoise colored cut suede cord with wire wrapped ends on which I have a wire-wrapped, multi-point crystal pendant. I always get comments about its simplicity of line, but I believe in the energy of the stones and this is a very powerful crystal because of the point formations so suspect the stone itself attracts people.

  10. says

    I always seem to favor the very first piece I ever made which is a handmade dichroic glass pendant. During my first silversmithing class I found this lovely piece made by a professor giving classes at the same time. I mounted it in silver, my first bezel ever, with a curvy wire around it. It goes with everything I wear and it has lots of sentimental value.

    By the way, I also made one of those cord chokers. If your metal ring is too large for a pendant, you can squeeze it into an oval shape that will fit the pendant bail, using your pliers.

  11. says

    I always wear my engagement ring but other than that i have no absolute favourite. I favour things for about two weeks then move on.

    I always have to have a bracelet or two on or i feel naked. I love earrings but my hair is naturally curly and long so i either get them caught up in my hair or you cant seem them so dont see the point unless my hair is pinned up.


  12. Becky & Linda says

    We love reading your tips. Is there a way we can go back and see your earlier ones? We think they might have some good things too. Also, we live in England. Is there a way we can look or get the books mentionned?
    We are starting to make all of our own earwires. Any hints would be lovely.

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