Three Cool Stones that Collected Me

Lapis lazuli stone - Rena Klingenberg

These fascinating stones collected me for this part of their long lifespan. The first one that found me was this polished chunk of lapis lazuli. It’s the perfect size to hold in your hand – very smooth and cool. I think of this stone as a view of Earth from space – ocean, clouds, and […]

Color Palettes for the 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year (color scheme by Rena Klingenberg)

Pantone has just announced its 2015 Color of the Year: It’s called Marsala – and Pantone says it’s “an elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors.” To me, it’s more of a neutral color than a “color-color”. So it might be interesting to play […]

Color Schemes for the 2014 Color of the Year

Color Schemes for Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

Pantone has just announced its 2014 Color of the Year: It’s called Radiant Orchid – and Pantone describes it as an “expressive, creative and embracing purple” that embodies love, joy, and health. This color is a blend of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. I created seven fun color schemes for Radiant Orchid, to help you […]

Postponing Decisions

Brass and green glass half-hoop earrings by Rena Klingenberg

I recently read that one of the main reasons why we get disorganized and overwhelmed is because we postpone making decisions. I thought about that, related to jewelry artists – and realized how true it often is for many of us. I find myself postponing decisions sometimes. Do you? Here are a few examples: You […]

How Can I Use These Ugly Beads?

How can I use these ugly beads?

I have a stash of ugly, unappealing beads. I’m showing a few examples here. I can’t imagine using them in jewelry. And most are fairly low quality anyway – chipped, lopsided, etc. While some of these beads are OK colors, others are just . . . hideous. And although I like this green, I can’t […]