Pantone Spring 2013 Colors

The Pantone Spring 2013 colors have been announced.

According to Pantone: “This season’s color palette emphasizes the need for balance, while at the same time allowing for individuality, self-expression and excitement.”

Pantone Spring 2013 Colors

What’s the significance of these colors?

To create this seasonal palette, Pantone polls fashion designers each season regarding their color inspiration, use, and philosophy for the upcoming season.

For Spring 2013, designers chose to balance the bright Poppy Red, Nectarine, and Lemon Zest with updated neutrals like Linen, Grayed Jade, and Dusk Blue.

They selected the deeper, classic Monaco Blue as a grounding color that works with all of the colors in this palette.

To pull in a touch of Nature, this palette places a lot of emphasis on greens – from yellowish Tender Shoots to bluer Emerald.

The designers who participated in this survey see African Violet as a statement color to use in unexpected combinations with the other colors.

Here’s a different view of this palette – I turned it into a kaleidoscope (although if you crochet, you may be thinking “granny square” :) ) –

Pantone Spring 2013 Colors

How might the Spring 2013 colors
relate to your jewelry?

These colors will be prevalent in a lot of products you’ll see in early 2013 – clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags, etc.

You might want to use some of the colors in this new palette in your jewelry designs.

Or you might want to use completely different colors that would look fantastic with clothes in these Spring colors.

Or you might just enjoy checking out these colors, and then doing something totally unrelated with your jewelry.

What I like about these colors

I think that overall, it’s a cheery-looking palette. And as a fan of earthy greens, I especially like the Tender Shoots color.

I’m also intrigued by the possibilities with the new neutrals – the Linen, Grayed Jade, and Dusk Blue.

What do you think about this
Spring 2013 color palette?

Do you have any most-favorites or least-favorites in this palette?

Do any of these colors inspire you?

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  1. Bev Holman says:

    The colors are beautiful. And are great for inspirations for a spring/summer collection. The kaleidoscope helps to vision the colors blended. I always print a copy of the colors to carry with me when going to bead shows to help me choose colors for my collections. I tend to favor Monaco Blue and Poppy Red along with Tender Shoots. But, can see the unlimited designs with all the colors.

  2. I’m not a big fan of the Monaco Blue…I like the African Violet, Linen, Grayed Jade and Emerald. The Tender Shoots, Poppy and Nectarine look nice together.

  3. I think all of these colours are very pretty. I would use all of them. I like the delicate nature of a lot of them. They really do seem to speak spring to me.

  4. Bev, thank you for your kind words about the kaleidoscope of the colors. I find it helpful too, to see the entire palette in some sort of design. It gives me a feel for how the colors work together.

    Sheila, I’d be interested to see if any of these colors appear in your lampwork art.

    Tamara, I like the delicate nature of the softer colors here too. I really like that the “neutrals” here have more color in them than most neutrals we usually see!

    It will be interesting to see how fashion designers use this palette in clothes and accessories for this coming Spring!

  5. Diane Oliver says:

    Beautiful colors, I love them all. I have often wondered, Can the color chart be copied and used on our FB and web pages? I am preparing to do my FB page and thought it would be something to add.
    Thank you

  6. Hi Diane, I wouldn’t use Pantone’s images, but you could do what I did here – I created my own images with the Pantone colors (you can see their Spring 2013 colors on the official site).

    And I agree, the colors would be a lovely thing to share with your FB followers! :)

  7. Jaime Huffman says:

    Many of these colors are the colors of gem stones. I love the vibrant colors nature has to offer.
    Monaco Blue- sapphire
    Tender shoots- peridot
    Poppy- ruby
    Lemon zest- citrine
    African violet- amethyst
    It makes me love the colors more.
    Linen- pink diamond

  8. I love the kaleidoscope Rena…I found it on Pinterest and it brought me back to you (no surprise)! I think the Grayed Jade and African Violet would look gorgeous if done right together. I love that Lemon Zest too!! Thanks for mixing them all in a new way to see how the colors combine with each other.

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