Opinion Poll: Jewelry Sets – Matching or Not Matching?

Opinion Poll: Jewelry Sets - Matching or Not Matching?

What’s your approach to jewelry sets? Do you prefer a set of matching pieces, or mixing it up a bit? […]

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors - Rena Klingenberg

Pantone has just released their Spring 2015 colors: Compared to previous years’ Spring palettes, these 2015 colors emphasize more blues […]

Matching Jewelry to People

Matching Jewelry to People (Brass Go-Go Hoop Earrings - Rena Klingenberg)

Have you ever noticed that a particular style of jewelry may look fabulous on one person – but not on […]

Build Your Jewelry Business on How You Interact with People

Rectangle Hoop Earrings by Rena Klingenberg

Previously we’ve talked about building your jewelry business on your natural strengths. Here’s another important facet of that idea: How […]

8 Clever Ways to Use Your Camera for Your Jewelry Business

Do you ever wonder if your cameos talk to each other when you're not there? - by Rena Klingenberg

The camera in your phone can be a handy tool for your jewelry business. (Aside from using it to take […]

Networking with Your Jewelry Customers

Hammered brass rings on a ball chain - Rena Klingenberg

I have a jewelry artist friend whose primary customers are women – and here’s how she generates the majority of […]

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