What Comes Naturally to You?


What abilities come naturally to you, that not everyone has? (Often these abilities come so naturally to us that we assume everybody else has them too – but later discover that we’re kind of unique in having that skill.) These natural abilities are good things to work into your art, your jewelry business, and other […]

How to Raise Your Jewelry Prices Gracefully

How to Raise Your Jewelry Prices Gracefully - Rena Klingenberg

After looking at your costs and profits, you may realize it’s time to raise your jewelry prices. But are you concerned that increasing your prices will make you lose customers? Don’t worry. In my experience, most people understand that price increases are inevitable. They know that the costs of your materials and expenses are increasing […]

How to Sell Jewelry in a Saturated Market

Paua shell and 14kgf wire earrings by Rena Klingenberg

Jewelry artists often ask me: “How can I sell my jewelry when the marketplace is already overcrowded with jewelers?” My answer: Don’t be part of the crowd. Be different. There are unlimited opportunities for selling jewelry if you travel a different path from what everyone else is doing. Here are four important ways to differentiate […]