Jewelry Design Inspiration: The Lines Around You

When you’re struggling with a new jewelry design idea, do you look at the lines of the objects around you?

jewelry design inspiration - caged candle

Caged candle – a gift from a friend

I often find tremendous inspiration just by looking around me.

jewelry design inspiration - mirror frame

Hinged side of the mirror on my dresser

Everyday objects can give you great new ideas for jewelry designs.

jewelry design inspiration - black tiles

Black tiles I installed above my sink several years ago

Even shadows can be inspiring:

jewelry design inspiration - shadows

This small mirror casts wonderful shadows

Also, do you ever photograph or sketch inspiring lines you see when you’re away from home?

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  1. Hi Rena! When I looked at your pictures above, it reminded me of similar designs in the lace I am loving to use now. When I see a piece of lace in a store, whether it’s a doily, lace on a t-shirt, or beautiful lingerie, I look at the pretty designs, and get inspiration for jewellery from that.

  2. Hi Tamara!

    Oh, I can imagine lace would be a lovely inspiration for jewelry! I bet brocade fabrics would be too. Thanks for mentioning that! :)

  3. Thank you Rena for mentioning this! I recently started taking pictures of things that I find beautiful or interesting enough to look at and ponder. I also look at the pictures on Pinterest….it serves a really good purpose when your looking for that extra visual stimulation to get you going!

  4. Hi Rena, I am so inspired by this article!! I will be looking at everything now to see if it can inspire a beautiful piece of jewelry!! I always look so forward to your newsletters!!

    Thank you,

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