Ideas for Naming Your Jewelry Designs

naming your jewelry creationsJewelry artist Joan shares her lovely tips for naming handcrafted jewelry pieces.  She says:

Finding names for each jewelry creation can be a daunting task. I choose names in several ways:

A friend

I may honor a friend by naming a piece of jewelry after her. Note:  an unexpected by-product of this idea has even resulted in sales to the very people whose names I have used!

A collection

Sometimes I name a collection of similar pieces of jewelry with a friend’s name, and then each piece in that collection gets a number – ex:  Lydia Collection: Lydia #1,  Lydia #2, etc.

The components

I will also derive names from the components of a jewelry item.  Ex:  If I make a bracelet that contains shells, pearls, beach glass, etc. I might name the piece “By the Sea”, or something related to the bracelet’s content.

My feelings

Sometimes I choose a name that expresses how I feel about a piece of jewelry.  Ex:  I made a necklace that I thought was fabulous, so that’s what I named it:  “Fabulous!”

A thesaurus

I also use a Thesaurus, either the one on my computer or a book, and I will glance through it searching for words that best describe what I have just made. When I find the word I like, that becomes my jewelry item’s name.

Not just a number

I do not like to assign just numbers to my jewelry pieces, because I feel it’s too impersonal.

I make jewelry from my soul, and my soul is filled with wonderful images, words, and feelings.

That’s what I like the viewer or the purchaser of my pieces to see and understand!

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  1. says

    I struggled with this a bit when trying to use names related to the piece and finally changed to using women’s names. I try to pick a name that seems to suit the piece and this has been working much better for me.

  2. says

    Good ideas. I really like the idea of naming a piece after a friend. There are a few things I do to help with the naming, too.

    I love quotations, so I have managed to collect hundreds of quotes that are meaningful to me. Often, there is a phrase that just jumps out, and seems to fit perfectly. When that happens, I include the quote in my description online.

    I keep a file of titles of books, movies, names of Crayola colors, names of nail polish or paint colors,etc. that can also be jumping off points for names of pieces.

    I have found that naming my pieces is a great marketing strategy. When I am at a show, the names help to spark a conversation with the customer, especially if it is a bit quirky.

  3. says

    What I find that helps me name a piece is….
    What I love! I named all of my earring collection (so far) after places in england that I have visited and each piece has qualities of the Hamlet, Village, Town or City that I name it after.
    From “Mousehole to London!

  4. says

    I haven’t named jewelry in the past, but your ideas are fantastic. Now I am thinking about naming all my pieces of jewelry.
    Thank You so much for the idea.

  5. ssuper_starr says

    I try to name every piece of jewelry I make. It makes a personal statement about the piece and sometimes there is an actual story to go along with it. I take my inspiration from many of sources mentioned above–the materials used, my feelings, friends’ names, or a word that describes what the finished piece looks like (food names word great for this!).

    I found personal success with using song titles/lyrics, names of tv/movie/book characters, and (surprisingly) cocktails. But it has to be something really obscure or out of the ordinary. If a customer recognizes it, there’s an instant connection, like we shared a secret, and I’m almost guaranteed a sale!

  6. says

    How lovely! I have never ‘named’ the jewellery I make before, I usually just title the pieces using ‘keywords’ in the hope of achieveing higher positions in search engines…but I think naming pieces is something I may adopt in the future as it creates a sense of narrative.

  7. says

    When I first started naming my jewelry I was trying to come up with nice, basic names that discribed the piece. Then I got real plain with the names because I thought it would look cheesy if I gave it more creative names. After reading about all the artist that name their pieces I think I’ll put more thought into the names of my pieces and have some fun with it!
    Thanks for the great inspiration! 😉

  8. Jacklynn says

    I also find naming my jewelry from experiences and places that I have traveled. I have been on numerous Missions Trips. The people and even foods can be very helpful. For Instance Pache means “peace” in Romanian. I have a beautiful necklace that I have named Pache. Pronounced pah chey.

  9. says

    I spent a lot of time trying to name the turquoise beaded necklace styles that I sell. I ended up taking inspiration from the beautifully earthy green and blue colors of the beads to create nature-inspired names. For my more sleek designs, I drew inspiration from the necklace styles when creating names. I think going with a theme helps give collections a personality that can boost marketing effectiveness.

  10. says

    Figuring out names for jewelry can be a struggle but at the sametime, can be very fun! You definitely seem to have a creative way on naming your handmade jewelry.

  11. says

    I struggle with this the more I create,
    I have started naming ranges first, and fitting certain pieces to this range. The name covers the design in it’s principal form, eg a bracelet called knox can be lengthened to a necklace but it’s from the Neo hybrid range.

    Individual names I get mainly form sci fi, gods, astrology or nature. For example, our pitch black bracelet is inspired by the film Pitch black which is based on the alignment of planets.

    I feel natural sort of names inspire people to think of them selves better in a way. They have to feel better about wearing it not just because it looks good but it also means something they can associate with.

    Some of my braid work, ie a whip, was named after the customer it was made for. But I also gave it a separate name for it’s design principle…It’s “The Mistress Whip” but it’s design is named different allowing for differing colours etc…

    Glad to know I am not alone in often finding difficulty in this area though.
    Now what do you do for your descriptions???
    They kill me at times, especially if you have more than a few to do…

  12. says

    Thank you for the ideas about how to get started naming my pieces. I have always wanted to do it, but, I didn’t know where to start. I think I will try the collection route first. Thank you again.

  13. says

    Thank you for your ideas! I can really relate to this article when naming pieces of jewelry. Sometimes it is like naming a baby because after you make the piece, you fall in love with it , which makes it hard to just name it anything without some type of meaning.

    While I was making my 2nd line of Jewelry to put on my website Calypso Candy, I listened to a lot of difference music so I named it after the titles…some of the very songs that I was listening to the moment I was making it! Like Liberian Girl Hand Jewelry was paying honor to Michael Jackson and this direction of an exotic girl and Twilight Time to a Platters song I was listening to.

    I also had a piece of jewelry that became popular at my job (I work full time) before I was able to give it a name. I ended up naming it “Ana Earrings” after the co-worker that made them popular. Everyone would just ask me “Hey, are you still selling those earrings that Ana is wearing?” After that it just stuck. Sometimes your best customers can give you inspiration.

  14. says

    I too have struggled with finding the right name for my pieces. Here are a few ways I come up with a name.

    Shorten the name of colors: Lavens/Lavender, Violo/Violet,

    Add another name: Ruby Red, Emerald Green, or Bluish Purple

    Food names: Wine, Cocoa

    My favorite and most useful have been flower names: Camellia/Pink, Violet/Purple. Search for ‘common flower names’ and you will find a treasure trove.

    Thank you for the suggestions everyone… I will try them.

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