An Unexpected Blessing at a Holiday Craft Show (a True Christmas Story)

Several years ago I got together with my good friend (who was a “Mary Kay” cosmetics rep), and organized a […]

I Asked 15 Jewelry Artists – “What Do You Wish You’d Known When You First Started Selling Your Work?”

I got in touch with this panel of experienced jewelry artists, and I asked each of them: “What’s one thing […]

More on Doing Jewelry Shows in Retirement Homes

In An Unexpected Blessing at a Holiday Show (a True Christmas Story), I shared one of the great experiences I’ve […]

Signing Up for an Outdoor Show – Insights from Jewelry Artists

Two experienced jewelry artists, Cheryl Feyen and Jeanette Ivins, sent in some excellent insights on doing outdoor shows. Their helpful […]

Elizabeth, the Executive, and the Cable Guy: A Jewelry Business Success Story

By seeing opportunities creatively, Elizabeth had a banner jewelry sales day. Includes a cute photo showing her results!

Bad Jewelry Shows: The Freebie Show

Avoid “Freebie Shows” – a type of jewelry show I’ve made the mistake of participating in! Think twice if you’re […]

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