When a Customer Criticizes Your Handmade Jewelry

Turquoise nugget and sterling silver wire pendant by Rena Klingenberg

Most jewelry customers are supportive of what we do (and sometimes they purchase our jewelry too)! Of course, not everyone […]

Inventing Yourself

Purple paua shell and sterling silver wire pendant by Rena Klingenberg

Many years ago, when I first became self-employed, I had this interesting realization: When you work for yourself, you invent […]

What Do You Say When Someone Compliments Your Jewelry?

Rustic Copper & Leather Necklace by Rena Klingenberg

When I first started putting my jewelry out to the public, I wasn’t prepared for compliments on my work and […]

Developing Systems and Supplies that Work for You

Copper and Glass Ring by Rena Klingenberg

When going in a new direction – in either making or selling jewelry – I’ve found that it’s best not […]

Profiting from Jewelry That’s Time Consuming to Make

Profiting from Jewelry That's Time-Consuming to Make

What if your jewelry is very time consuming to make – so it’s difficult to price it high enough to […]

Choosing a Charity to Support with Your Jewelry Business

Choosing a Charity to Help with Your Jewelry Business

What kind of change in the world is important to you? Your handmade jewelry business can help make the world […]

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