Opinion Poll: Are You Influenced by Trends When You Design Jewelry?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether your jewelry designs are influenced by trends in areas such as: colors […]

Pretty Crimp Bead Cover Examples

A while back, I shared my idea for covering unsightly crimp beads with large-hole beads in this tutorial: A Pretty […]

Necklace Makeover –
Turn Two Necklaces into One

Recently I had a “necklace makeover day”. I got out all of my personal necklaces I hadn’t been wearing, and […]

What Do You Want to Accomplish with Your Jewelry This Year?

There’s a whole year of possibilities ahead of us! What do you want to accomplish with your jewelry this year? […]

Matching Jewelry to People

Have you ever noticed that a particular style of jewelry may look fabulous on one person – but not on […]

Designing Jewelry with Acrylic Beads

I used to be a bead snob. Back then, I wouldn’t even look at a bead that wasn’t a semiprecious […]

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