Rena Klingenberg

Rena KlingenbergWelcome!

I’m Rena Klingenberg – jewelry artist, author, and founder of Jewelry Making Journal.

I feel very, very blessed to be the caretaker of this incredible community of caring, sharing, talented jewelry artists.

Here’s how it all happened:

Many years ago my lifelong passion for earrings led me to the fascinating hobby of collecting beads and making my own earrings.

But beads and earrings were only the beginning! :)

My jewelry-making obsession quickly snowballed until I found myself making all kinds of other jewelry, and learning wonderful new techniques with wire and other materials.

But when I’d filled my jewelry box (and the jewelry boxes of my friends and family!) to capacity with my creations, I realized I was going to have to either stop making jewelry – or start selling it.

So my handcrafted jewelry business was born.

Since then I’ve sold my handmade jewelry in nearly every way imaginable – including shows, parties, consignment, wholesale, sales reps, distributors, my website, eBay, trunk shows, fundraiser shows, private showings, etc.

One day I realized that I’d learned a lot of valuable information along the way that could help other jewelry artists succeed in selling their work too.

So in 2003 I began publishing a website called “Home Jewelry Business Success Tips” to share ideas and strategies for selling handmade jewelry.

My intention was to create the information resource I would have loved to find when I first began selling my jewelry.

Before long, other jewelry artists began generously sending in their tips and experiences for me to add to my website, and it turned into a gathering place for a lovely community of friendly, creative jewelry artists.

As the community grew, I soon found myself publishing three additional websites, plus my Rena Klingenberg blog – where you are right now.

In early 2012 I decided to discontinue my three older websites and consolidate them into a single magazine-style site, Jewelry Making Journal, on a much more advanced platform.

I welcome you to enjoy the friendly community there – it’s a place to learn, participate, be inspired by, and inspire others!

We’d also love for you to share your ideas, tips, and what you’re making there!

I also publish Jewelry Business Success News, a free magazine-style email newsletter that goes out every two weeks to thousands of jewelry artists all over the world.

And finally, there’s my series of Jewelry Mini-Tips – a free, once a week quick tip on making or selling jewelry.

And because even after all these publications I STILL have a lot to say about jewelry, I’ve written five in-depth books on specific aspects of selling handmade jewelry.

You can find them here: Jewelry Making Journal Shop.

Thanks so much for joining me here – and I wish you every joy and success in your own jewelry journey!

– Rena Klingenberg
founder and publisher,
Jewelry Making Journal